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My artistic actions come from a permanent and restless search for the unknown, trying to shed light on the existence and coexistence of parallel and timeless lives.
Feelings, dreams, visions, perceptions, recurring images and different states of mind are the flow that mobilizes and identifies my work. In their combination, I intend that the observers take a symbolic journey while immersing into my work, allowing them to recognize characters in the apparent abstraction. These characters are more or less hidden, more or less present through the overlapping layers, intensity of colours and texture, patterns and rhythms.
Acrylics combined with several materials that give rise to textures and reliefs along with brushes, rollers, spatulas and my very own hands are elements that allow to express my euphoria at the time of creation.
Sculptures, photographs, video art and installations intend to emphasize the same mother concept through different approaches. The aim is to convey tranquility, harmony and balance in my work as well as in my life.

Pablo Raggio

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